Not so long ago we had about Net Art and #SelfieUnselfie. The theme is further reflection on the issue of self-representation in the digital age.

This is my #dda for the week:


This is random art, where I should put my name in a column and then it came up a random art. How cool is that?!


A selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. One day I probably see twenty selfies while skimming social media, and other days I’m sure that I see hundreds. I have been noticing that selfies are supposed to be ´´perfect´´. There are so many different selfies on for example Instagram; slim, well trained, pretty selfies. Selfies for women and men are often perceived in this way. I feel like it has become a thing to appear perfect on social media, not only in terms of selfies but also images around a perfect life. I think many of the popular women and men on Instagram try to hide their ´not so perfect´ side, by creating perfect selfies and images around their lives. This ´trend´ might confuse people with what really separates a selfie from a portrait. What separates a selfie from any self-portrait taken with a phone or a camera is that it´s shared via social media Young people post pictures from everyday situations, and it´s become more popular for older to follow the trend. The ever-present selfie is at once an individual performance, but it also is a communal and public activity. There are different opinions between different cultures what selfies claims to be. Some claim selfies are a mark of our narcissistic culture. And some see the selfie more positively; as a confirmation of self-love. Yet others consider selfies simply a new version of the old idea of a self-portrait.
This is my #SelfieUnselfie:

selfie unselfiee.jpg

The first picture is a selfie of myself that I have posted on Instagram. There is no specific reason why I wanted to post this exact selfie. It´s just a simple selfie with a smile and edited with a grey filter. This picture doesn’t reveal much, but it shows that I am happy. It doesn’t reveal who I am, just a picture of myself. There are many things it doesn’t reveal, such as my personality.

The other picture is the unselfie, it´s an image of the sea in Greece and as you can see it´s not a selfie but it still represents a part of me even if I’m not in the picture. I love to travel, and I love the sea – something that shows a part of me, and that’s the reason why I wanted to post this exact picture.
Have a nice weekend!



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